Since 1911
An story and tradition of a
century united in one
charming and beautiful Hotel
1 Hotel Tobler (1965)
2 Hotel Tobler villa (1950)
3 Hotel Tobler grange (1945)
1 Tobler brothers (1952)
2 Johann Rudolf Tobler (1940)
3 Amalia Tobler in Bosco Gurin
4 Amalia and Theodor Tobler (1944)
Johann-Rudolf and Malvine Tobler-Scherrer opened the Hotel Tobler as a small guesthouse in the dreamy fishing village Ascona in 1911. Theodor and Amalia Tobler-Blumer took over the hotel in the 1930s. Since 1996, the hotel has been run by Walter and Marianne Tobler, (the third generation of the family). It is due to their efforts, that the Hotel Tobler is as gorgeous as ever, with its large, well-groomed park, modern infrastructure, clear business goals and strong values. Guests are not simply seen as a share of the profits, but as part of a big family.
1 Hotel Tobler team (1977)
2 Family Tobler with guests (1973)
3 Theodor Tobler, Marianne Tobler and Amalia Tobler (1983)
4 Front Desk (1970)
This little corporation is now being run, after more than one century of family ownership, by Julia Tobler, Walter and Marianne Tobler’s daughter. Julia graduated from the Belvoirpark School of Hotel Management in 2015.
«Arrive and feel at home» – is a significant part of our philosophy. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to continue this awesome work and we hope that this lovely hotel is going to continue for another hundred plus years!